Power BI demo reports

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With this HR dashboard, the current workforce can be analyzed. Further interesting evaluations for HR are eg Rectruiting, time management, fluctuation, absences etc.


This two-page report can evaluate everything that is interesting for the real estate business (sales). Various filters can be shown on the right-hand side so that you can get exactly the information you want.

Real estate

This showcase shows the sales development per country and contains a remarkable tooltip.

Evaluation per country with tool tip

With this report, the performance of a retail business can be filtered according to various criteria. It can be used to precisely determine which products perform particularly well or badly in which regions.


This report does not show a specific company, but a few of the features we like to use.

Different functions

With the help of the Zebra BI Custom Visuals, it is extremely easy to create reports according to IBCS.

Zebra BI for Power BI